About Me

Hi Everyone, my name is Mick Foster I have been a collector in some form or another my whole life. As a child I collected Stamps, Tea Cards, and some coins. In my teenage years these all fell to the wayside as my interest turned to, yes you’ve guessed it girls and motorcycles, oh and heavy rock music. So it was quite a few years before the collecting bug bit again. I then took a keen interest in Cigarette cards and tobacco related items like Old Cigarette Packets & Tins so I started collecting these. I also built my first website to show off my collection. Some 10 years later the collection had grown, but my interest had slowed down. So decided to sell up and move on to something new. Like most collectors it’s the hunt for the item, and the acquisition that keeps you going.

It wasn’t till 2016 when I had decided to retire from work that I decided to start another collection. I decided on coins and started to build a collection of British Sixpences, Threepence’s, and Farthings which I am still adding too.  It was during a search on the internet for farthings that I can across my first Encased Farthing. This interested me, not only because of the farthing but the fact it was advertising a product. This was a bit of social history as well as just a coin. So decided to buy it for the collection as an interest piece only, not really thinking of getting more. How wrong I was.

Since then my collection grew slowly and I decided to add another section for these to the website that I was building for my other coin interests. In May 2018 I received an message via the website from Markus M another collector of Encased Farthings in Canada. From that first contact my collection has grown not only with new Encased Farthings, but also the knowledge that has been shared by a fellow collector. Without his help, and the information that he was prepared to share with me this website would not be where it is today. Since those early days I have made another contact with a well established collector Bob Byrne in the USA and again with his help as well, it was time to build a website dedicated to Encased Farthings sharing information that maybe of interest to other new and old collectors alike. If you wish to contact me please send an email to upinsmokeuk@sky.com

Best Wishes Mick

Let’s build something together.