(Brains Barry Dock Hotel)

Brains Barry Dock Hotel

Country of Issue: UK (Wales) Manufacturer: J.R.Gaunt 
Diameter: 38mm
Coin Dates: (Known to Exist) 1932
Reverse Legend: 
“GOOD LUCK” above farthing,“BRAINS BARRY DOCK HOTEL” below
“Keep me and you will never be broke”, Initials
J.R.G below (J.R.Gaunt)
We now have information/confirmation 
of an encased farthing that was issued by Brains
Barry Dock Hotel, South Wales.
A 1932 encased farthing for Brains Barry Dock Hotel is listed
by John Whitmore("Lickey Coins")on page 27 in the
November 1986 edition of his coin sale price list.

Please NOTE that the image provided for your reference
is a Representation of the Encased Farthing known
to exist, and NOT the original as mentioned above.
It is based on the following encased medallion sold 
on Ebay in Oct 2020:"