Encased Coins From Around The World

Within this section we have decided to showcase some of the varied examples of Encased Coins from around the world, listed by country. Although not strictly Encased Farthings, I thought it would be a nice addition to show what is available to collectors.

Each Country will have a limit of a maximum of 10 coins each. They will show a cross section of examples you can collect.

So If you would like to contribute to this section please feel free to send your examples, and I will choose the best to add to each Country within this section.

Select from the menu below to see images and varieties of each type.

animated-austria-flag-image-0002 [ Austria ]   animated-canada-flag-image-0002  [ Canadaanimated-france-flag-image-0007 [ Franceanimated-germany-flag-image-0002  [ Germany ]

animated-netherlands-flag-image-0009 [ Netherlandsanimated-spain-flag-image-0002 [ Spainanimated-great-britain-flag-image-0004 [ U.K.animated-usa-flag-image-0004  [ U.S.A. ]