(Poole’s Synod Hall)

Poole’s Synod Hall

Country of Issue: UK(Edinburgh) Manufacturer: J.R.Gaunt 
Diameter: 38mm
Coin Dates: (Known to Exist) 1928, 1929
Legend: “Good Luck from "Poole's Synod Hall” above farthing.
Legend: “Keep me and you will never be broke”,
Initials J.R.G below (J.R.Gaunt)
(Images of Encased Farthing Courtesy of Markus M)
 Opened in 1875 as theatre, by architects J Murray Bell 
and FT Pilkington. Used as the UP Synod Hall from 1877.
Poole's Diorama shows from around 1906. Converted to a
full-time cinema from 1928.
Closed on 30th October 1965.
Demolished, March-April, 1966.