(Smith Premier Typewriter)

Smith Premier Typewriter (Version 1)

Smith Premier Typewriter (Version 2)

Smith Premier Typewriter (Version 3)

Country of Issue: UK  Manufacturer: Whitehead & Hoag, London  
Diameter: 32mm
Coin Dates: (Known to Exist) 1901, 1902
Legend: “To ensure prosperity in business use the Smith Premier
Typewriter, 14 Gracechurch St. London, Grand Prix.
Paris 1900” above farthing

Legend: “Good Luck”(Clover, horseshoe and a wishbone)

(Version 2 Image Courtesy of Mick Foster U.K.)

This Ad was found in Review of Reviews Magazine dated November, 1900. The Review of Reviews was a noted family of monthly journals founded in 1890-1893 by British reform journalist William Thomas Stead (1849–1912). Established across three continents in London (1891), New York (1892) and Melbourne (1893), the Review of Reviews, American Review of Reviews and Australasian Review of Reviews represented Stead’s dream of a global publishing empire.

(Image and Information Courtesy of Bob Byrne U.S.A.)